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Win Some. Lose Some.

A conversation between a preschool teacher and preschool students.


Teacher is sitting on floor building blocks with children.

Mrs. M. How old are you?” – Boy Student

“I’m 51 years old.” – Teacher

“Oh.  Okay.” – Boy Student

“Why do you ask?  How old did you think I was?” – Teacher

“Same age as my mom.” – Boy Student

“Oh.  How old is your, Mom?” – Teacher

“She’s 33.  I thought you were younger than she was.” – Boy Student


Teacher sitting at table outdoors coloring with children.  Preschool student is looking at teacher’s photo on name badge.

“Mrs. M. Is that a picture of you?” – Girl Student

“Yes it is.” – Teacher

“Why doesn’t it look like you?” – Girl Student

“Well, maybe the photo has different lighting.  Don’t you think the photo looks like me?” – Teacher

“No.  You have a lot more wrinkles in real life.” – Girl Student


Wednesday Words of Wisdom – Bobby Brown Living Beauty

Assorted cosmetics and tools

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There comes a time in a woman’s life, when aging begins to show on her face.  For some it starts young, like age 30.  For me, I noticed aging changes at age 35.

Aging starts slowly, but after age 40 seems to pick up speed.  At age 47, I have aspects of aging that are going well and others, not so well.  My jaw line is disappearing,  but wrinkles are a minimum.  I have little gray hair, but plenty of brown skin patches.

One thing I have always struggled with is my skin.  I have always wanted smooth, luminous skin.  As a teen I had acne, in fact I still do.  My fair skin easily picks up brown patches and freckles.  Scars remain from my teen acne years and small red veins surround my nose.

After age 40, my skin changes become more noticeable. I wanted to find a book, a make-up book, geared to help me with my aging skin.  I found it.  The book is Bobby Brown Living Beauty by Bobby Brown.

For those who do not know Bobby Brown, she is a make-up artist.  She is the owner of her product line for skin and make-up, Bobby Brown Cosmetics.  Her make-up style is conservative and minimalist.  This style of make-up is me.  I wear make-up every day.  But I like to look natural, not made up.  Bobby Brown’s philosophy for make-up is “you but improved.”

Bobby Brown Living is a holistic view toward beauty for women over 40.   The book tackles make-up application, skin care, fitness, nutrition and menopause.  I was surprised about the menopause information, but Bobby’s approach toward beauty is to look at the whole person, not just the exterior.

What I enjoyed most about this book was the section on using make-up products to tackle aging issues.  Ms. Brown is anti-plastic surgery and uses her expert make-up skills to improve the looks of real women.  The before and after photos are great.  She also discusses non surgical procedures to improve aging skin.  I like how she provides information to the reader, but does not ‘push’ a specific plan for everyone.  Her book guides each woman to find her own style and beauty.

I have only been to a make-up counter once in my life.  After reading Living Beauty, I went to Bobby Brown for a make-up consultation.  It was wonderful.  The product I loved the most was the foundation.  Having a sheer foundation, that matches your skin perfectly is one of the best ways to combat aging.  Smooth skin always looks youthful.

The book is sort of all-purpose guide to beauty for women who are aging.  The information is not necessarily new, but it is informative.  It is a great book for someone who is considering plastic surgery, but would like to look at other options first.

Hope you enjoy this book friends.  Happy reading.


Things that Make You Go Mmm…

I went to the doctor a couple a weeks ago for a routine check-up.  I am happy to say everything is looking good.  During the visit, my doctor and I had a little conversation about how things were going.

“Well, your blood work came back and everything looks great.  Blood sugar is good.  Cholesterol is good.  Thyroid levels fine.  Blood pressure is good.  Seems like everything is going well for you.  I am going to freeze off the little red spot on your nose, it may be a pre-cancerous.” – Doctor

“Pre-cancerous?  Should I be very concerned?” –  Me

” No, these type of marks are very common.  Nothing to worry about.  We are catching it before it leads to trouble.” – Doctor

“Whew.  That’s good.  Will it completely remove the spot?” – Me

Yes, it will.  As a matter of fact I can remove that mark on your hand too if you like.” – Doctor

I glanced down at my hand and looked at what she was talking about.  On my hand was a brown, age spot.  I first noticed the brown spot when I was pregnant with the third baby.  I think the mark got darker during pregnancy and never lightened back up again.  It has been an eyesore on my hand for years.

“You could get rid of the age spot?’ – Me

“Yes, it will only take a minute and we could get rid of it for good.” – Doctor

Wow, now that was news.  That brown spot had been bugging me for years.  Every time I would put my hands on the steering wheel,  the spot would be looking at me.  It seemed to get bigger and darker everyday.  Sometimes I would look at my hands and see my mother’s brown spotted hands.  My thick English, Scottish and Irish blood running through my veins makes freckles and brown spots appear everywhere.  I have always tried to avoid the sun, but white skin attracts the light.

“You know, I would like to have the brown spot removed.  Let’s do it.” – Me

So the doctor put a little freezing stuff on my nose and some on my hand.  It burned a little, but not too bad.  We finished up the appointment and I went on my way.

That was several weeks ago and the brown spot has healed.  I cannot tell you how happy I am.  Just like that, the little spot that made me not wear rings on that hand, to avoid drawing attention, is gone.  It looks great.  And by the way, the  spot on my nose is gone.  I am happy.  I am amazed how happy I am.  But it got me thinking…this must be the feeling people have after cosmetic treatments.  You know lasers, chemical peels and even surgery.  The thing that bothered the person for so long, is suddenly gone.

I started to really think about plastic surgery and it’s effect on a person’s self-esteem.  I will admit, I have been judgemental toward people who have surgery to reduce the signs of aging.  And yet, now that I have my spot removed and my hand looks younger, I wondered if maybe my ideas were changing.  I am in my late 40’s and things are looking older.  Would I consider plastic surgery to improve my aging body?  Mmm…

Plastic surgery is not a new thought for me.  I first began to think about it when I was just a child.  I have ears that stick straight out.  As a child, other children would tease me and I asked my mom to have them fixed.  A neighbor girl ears stuck out and her mom let her get the surgery.  My mom did not. 

“You ears are so little.  You do not need to worry about them.  God gave you those ears for a reason.” – My Mom

So, I accepted the situation.  I mean, what choice did I have.  It was God’s plan for me to have ears that stuck out.  In college I thought about my A cup bra size and began to consider breast augmentation.   I made the mistake of mentioning the idea to my mother and of course, she was full of more insight.

“What?  Why would you want to put pieces of plastic in your body?  That will make you feel better?  You are thin, tall and most people would love to have your figure.  Be happy with what you have and be grateful.” – My Mom

Once again, Mom squashed my ideas of altering my perceived flaws.  I told myself, next time I would not be talking to her again about my cosmetic life.  But the next time never came.  I somehow adjusted to the little, stick out ears.  Turns out they were perfect to hang hearing aids on, which I now wear on each ear.  And as for the breast augmentation, I managed to snag a husband, and nurse three babies with my A cup wonders.  Mmm…maybe mom was right after all.

I still think of new procedures I would like to do.  Under my eyes are some serious bags that could use some adjusting.  I have my Nana’s eyes and I know that bags will only get worse over time.  Will I get them fixed?  I mean, look how happy I am without the brown spot.  Chances are no, I will keep my baggy eyes.  Surgery could alter the thing I have in common with my grandma and besides my boys have the same eyes.  I will accept what God has given me for now and I noticed if I am smiling,

Brown spot removed

I cannot see the eye bags at all.